Tesla Model 3 Standard Range dropped from online configurator

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range dropped from online configurator

Tesla's $35,000 Model 3 is only available as a special order

The California-based firm said in a statement that Chinese customers can now order a standard range Model 3 variant whose starting price of 377,000 yuan ($56,167) will make it the cheapest version of the auto in China. The base Model 3 was reduced to an "off menu" style ordering that must be done over the phone or at a Tesla store.

All Tesla vehicles now come with the Autopilot driver-assistance system as standard, the company said in a blog post late Thursday.

All Model 3 leases are 36 months, with annual mileage options being 10,000, 12,000, and 15,000 miles. A really interesting movie is the introduction of Tesla leasing. (The Model S and Model X can both be leased for 24 months, too.) For all three cars, there's a $695 acquisition fee, and the first month's payment is due when you pick up the auto.

It's important to highlight that "customers who choose leasing over owning will not have the option to purchase their vehicle at the end of the lease". Tesla says it plans to use Model 3s returned from leases in its new planned self-driving ride haling network, which may indicate that the service could start in three years or less. However, without the model listed on the website, Tesla is keeping customers in the dark about its availability. It will be a software-limited version of the Standard Plus, with 10-percent lower range, no heated seats, disabled music streaming and other downgrades. Tesla explains that the now $39,500 Model 3 Standard Plus "has sold at more than six times the rate of Standard", so the decision was made to simplify production and focus on the Standard Plus. Buyers can activate them (and essentially convert the auto into a Standard Plus Model 3) at any time. Customers after the limited standard model will have to call or go into tone of their brick and mortar Tesla stores as the model has now been removed from the online store. Customers won't have the option to buy the auto at the end of the lease because the company plans to use the vehicles in a forthcoming Tesla ride-hailing network, according to the blog post.

On Twitter, Musk recently confirmed that the goal of the cameras built in above the rear-view mirror of the Model 3 is to record video when owners put their vehicle on Tesla's future network, which he said would compete with Uber and Lyft.

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