Redacted Mueller report to be released Thursday, DOJ says

Activists participate in a Release the Report rally in Times Square on April 4 in New York City

Activists participate in a Release the Report rally in Times Square on April 4 in New York City. Getty Images

We learned on Monday from the Department of Justice that the redacted version of the report is going public on Thursday morning.

Barr has said he will release as much of the Mueller report as possible, while excluding material Mueller included from secret grand jury testimony and confidential USA intelligence sources. Two days later, Barr released a four-page letter summarising what he said were Mueller's primary conclusions, notably that the investigation did not establish that members of Trump's election campaign conspired with Russian Federation.

Mueller announced the completion of his investigation into the president's campaign and foreign election interference late last month.

The almost 400-page report is the most anticipated political report in the last 20 years as both Republicans and Democrats scramble to defend or attack President Trump in the wake of its release.

Mueller turned over a copy of his confidential report to Barr on March 22. They've expressed concerns that Barr will redact information that is embarrassing to Trump.

On Twitter, Trump said Saturday, "Why should Radical Left Democrats in Congress have a right to retry and examine the $35,000,000 (two years in the making) No Collusion Mueller Report, when the crime committed was by Crooked Hillary, the DNC and Dirty Cops?"

Barr also wrote that Mueller presented evidence "on both sides" about whether Trump obstructed justice and did "not exonerate him" on that point, instead declining to draw a conclusion.

On "Outnumbered" Monday, Capri Cafaro said she expects some Democrats and Trump adversaries to claim that the redacted portions of the report are "hiding" potential evidence of Trump-Russia collusion or obstruction of justice. Analysts urged caution, however, suggesting that while the contacts with Russian Federation might not have risen to the level of a crime, the full report may still detail behaviour and financial entanglements that raise questions about Trump's curious pattern of deference to Russia's president, Vladimir Putin.

Mr Montoya said it should fall to Congress to decide whether conduct discovered by Mr Mueller's team warranted an effort to remove the president from office. Barr will testify before the Senate and House Judiciary Committees about the Mueller report on May 1 and 2. "And we need to see them and the public needs to see them". "It was condescending, it was arrogant and it wasn't the right thing to do".

Since the report was submitted to Barr, Democrats have sought to have it released and also criticized Barr for issuing an opinion so quickly after the release based on the size of the report.

One key question the report may answer is why Mueller decided not to make a recommendation one way or the other on whether to charge Trump with obstructing justice.

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