Prince Harry Pushes For Fortnite Ban: ‘It’s Created to Addict’

Prince Harry

Prince Harry ADRIAN DENNIS AFP Getty

He was visiting a YMCA in West London and spoke to mental health experts about addictive games and social media. The comments have been picked up by numerous outlets in the United Kingdom and the United States, though a video of the exact context of the discussion is nowhere to be found online.

"Prince Harry only wants to ban Fortnite because he knows he'll never get a [Victory Royale]", Twitter user @grandaay joked.

Prince Harry and Meghan's Instagram handle references their royal title - The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

In the adorable photos, the Duke of Sussex - who's expecting his first child with wife Meghan in April - can be seen attempting to balance on one leg alongside the eager youngsters.

"Social media is more addictive than drugs and alcohol, and it's more unsafe because it's normalised and there are no restrictions to it. What's the benefit of having it in your household?" He warned of a "global epidemic around young people's mental health", which he alludes addiction to Fortnite, social media, and other addictive internet elements are to be blamed.

Harry could bring the Fortnite issue up in Parliament, and potentially use his global influence to advocate for measures to make the battle royale game less accessible to children.

The game's developers were recently caught in a lawsuit over the randomized in-game "loot crates" that can be purchased with real dollars, as critics claim it is a form of gambling targetted toward children.

In this final episode of The Windsors, we explore the extent to which Prince William became the beneficiary of relentlessmedia fascination, and at times, intrusion. Just a year ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) placed gaming addiction on its list of mental health disorders, prompting many to research into categorisation and treatment.

Others irreverently suggested that perhaps Prince Harry had tried his hand at the game himself, only deciding it ought to be banned after finding himself competing in a playing field indifferent to his high birth.

His comments about Fortnite, a multi-player video game that now has 250 million registered players worldwide, brought equal parts disbelief and agreement from the online community.

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