PlayStation 4 users can now change their PSN name

PlayStation 4 users can now change their PSN name

PlayStation 4 users can now change their PSN name

However, some games aren't going to support the feature, even those developed after April 1st 2018, contrary to what the good people at Sony stated before. Once there, go to Account Information, then Profile, and finally Online ID to change your name. You can also choose to display your old ID alongside your new one for 30 days after you change, letting your friends know who you are when they see a new name on their friends lists. Your first PSN name change is free; every subsequent change will cost you actual money ($9.99 USA per change for regular users, or $4.99 for PS Plus subscribers).

Enter your new online ID or select one of the suggestions. Users that do decide to change their name can revert back to previous Online IDs as many times as they want, provided that they don't violate the current Terms of Service. Child accounts, however, can't change their online IDs at all. As Sony subtly reminds us the backend is kind of a mess, so the only games guaranteed to support the ID change are ones published "after April 1, 2018".

Keeping a promise it made a year ago, Sony is finally providing PlayStation 4 players the option to change their username - meaning you can finally ditch the scourge that is "L33TMoocher420", or whatever else you thought was amusing in high school.

With the new name change option, this issue seems to still not be completely ironed out. "However, since they have not all been specifically tested with the feature, we can not guarantee that they will support it", Sony said in its announcement of the update. Some games, including all PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games, may not be compatible with the ID changing feature. As such, be wary of what older games you play after changing and be absolutely sure you want to change it before doing so. On top of that, the old name will belong to you.

Q: Will all PS4 games released in the future support the feature? The PS4 is nearing the end of its reign as Sony's most advanced console, but Sony is finally getting around to launching a feature that has been oft-requested by gamers. Currently, there are only 10 games on the list with known critical issues.

The potential problems are broken up into two tiers: "issues" and "critical issues".

Anyone still trying to pull off a cringe-AF PSN ID? The biggest issues might include the game showing your old name, losing saved data or access to downloadable content.

You'll also need to check out your games to make sure they still function properly after making the adjustment. But there are many other popular titles that will have issues.

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