OH teen says he's a missing IL boy

OH teen says he's a missing IL boy

OH teen says he's a missing IL boy

Wednesday morning Sharonville, Ohio, police received a dispatch from Kentucky saying a 14-year-old boy had fled across a bridge over the Ohio River near Cincinnati into Kentucky.

"When the police pushed his hood back, his face was dirty", she recalls.

In a Facebook post, the Sharonville Police Department near Cincinnati said it helped check local hotels for the suspects, but reiterated that its officers had no contact with Timmothy, and the information it cited was from a dispatch log.

Timmothy Pitzen disappeared in 2011 when he was 6 years old.

The boy reportedly told police he escaped the men and ran across the Taylor-Southgate Bridge in Kentucky.

"I just got a text from a family member that it's not him. I just don't see why he would just make up his name".

A witness said the teen looked like he had been beat up. The boy was taken to a hospital, but no information was released.

The results of the DNA test may come as early as Thursday, one day after the teen was taken into police custody, but the case has been of national interest for years as relatives held out hope he was still alive. And your mind goes in too many directions that you don't want to think about. "And if that's not the case, it will be heartbreaking to get through, and it will be a legacy with Tim for the rest of his life".

The teenager, who vanished from a hotel in IL aged six, says he escaped from kidnappers who had held him for seven years. One man was described as having black curly hair, a Mountain Dew T-shirt and a spider-web tattoo across his neck. The other, according to "Timmothy", is short with a snake tattoo on his arms. According to CBS Chicago, a woman who spoke to the boy said he had been running for "two hours" and that he'd been "passed around for seven years".

Timmothy is pictured left. "So he was pretty much scared of everybody", Fray Knight said. He would be 14 years old today.

At this point, the boy's identity has not been confirmed.

According to WIFR, citing a police report, the two kidnappers have been described as two white males with body-builder type builds.

"It's terrifying not knowing where he's at", Timmothy's father, Jim Pitzen, told the outlet. "We are hoping this isn't a hoax because just imagine the let-down".

A source says DNA is being rushed to the lab and they hope to have it back at some point Wednesday. The note also said, "You'll never find him". She said they are overjoyed he may have been found, but also scared.

At the time of the boy's disappearance, police searched for him in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa.

"My first thought was, 'He's not from around here, '" Hall tells PEOPLE, noting the boy seemed in a daze and she was anxious he might try to break into her neighbor's auto. (40 miles north), then to a Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Police said Pitzen took her son to Brookfield Zoo and to Key Lime Cove in Gurnee. Her body was found with her wrists slit in a Rockford hotel on May 15, 2011. She claimed there was a family emergency. That remained true until Wednesday.

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