Microsoft Tipped To Take On AirPods With Surface Buds

Microsoft Tipped To Take On AirPods With Surface Buds

Microsoft Tipped To Take On AirPods With Surface Buds

Sams writes the earbuds are codenamed "Morrison" - likely after Jim Morrison of the Doors - citing "multiple sources who are familiar with the company's plans".

Microsoft's recent attempt in the world of audio peripherals came in the form of Surface Headphones.

Microsoft's foray into headphones may not be a one-off, according to a new report. Dubbed "Surface Buds", these new earphones from Microsoft are much smaller than the Surface Headphones, making them much more ideal for travel.

It's not year clear how Microsoft intends to differentiate its earbuds from others that are now available from competitors. Sams mentions a feature that would "make reading content easier on the phone", but offered no further details.

The earphones would potentially be branded as Surface Buds, following the Surface headphones (shown above) that released past year.

While the new product could very well launch as Surface Buds, a final name hasn't yet been chosen, and Microsoft could change it at any moment should it have a different idea. It is unclear what kind of features the headphones will include, but Cortana integration, noise cancellation and superior integration with phones are all possibilities, per Thurrott. Of course the difference here would be that Microsoft's option would be powered by Cortana, its own AI and competition to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa.

Microsoft also isn't the only tech giant looking to take on Apple.

The company's reinvention under Satya Nadella has brought us many things, some good, some bad, but one of the words that keep coming back is "cuckold".

And the release? This year is "plausible, but not guaranteed" the report notes.

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