LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony Among Stars At Dwyane Wade’s Final Game

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

His one last dance almost didn't happen, but after recording his fifth career triple-double and first since February 4, 2011, Dwyane Wade danced the night away, literally, while the Brooklyn Nets secured the sixth seed in the East with a 113-94 win at Barclays Center.

In other words, all three of Wade's pals were available on Wednesday night and they made sure to show up to Wade's last-ever game in his 16-year career.

The four players are close friends and former team-mates on the US Olympic team.

Tuesday night was D-Wade's final game at American Airlines Arena in Miami, where he posted 30 points to the praise of his home crowd.

The ad plays off the way others players have exchanged jerseys with Wade all season but, instead of National Basketball Association stars, Budweiser had Wade meet with five people who were inspired by or have received help from Wade. Anthony was one of the people who persuaded Wade to return this season and enjoy a farewell tour, but then he didn't last long enough with the Houston Rockets to play against Miami. "I didn't get the opportunity to play against Melo this year and exchange jerseys with him". So everything worked out great, with him being here, and being able to give him my jersey.

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