Kim ready to meet Trump if U.S. changes stance

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Kim Jong-un has appointed his closest political loyalist as North Korea's ceremonial head of state, consolidating his power and completing the transition to a new generation of leaders.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is calling on the U.S. to stop "its current way of calculation" if it is interested in continuing diplomatic talks, according to a report from the country's state news agency KCNA.

Kim said that he will wait for the United States to decide " until the end of this year", according to KCNA.

The United States has said the summit broke down because of the North's excessive demands for sanctions relief in return for limited disarmament measures.

At their first summit previous year in Singapore, Trump and Kim signed a vague statement to work toward the "denuclearization of the Korean peninsula".

In Hanoi, the United States came with "completely unrealizable plans" and was "not really ready to sit with us face-to-face and solve the problem", Kim said. But Kim said his personal relationship with the American president remains good and that they could exchange letters at "any time". "But US-style dialogue of unilaterally pushing its demands doesn't fit us, and we have no interest in it", Kim said during the speech.

Trump on Thursday said during a summit with Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-in that he is open to a third summit with the DPRK leader.

North Korea has a choice "to continue to improve inter-Korean relations to relieve pressure on the Korean peninsula or to go back to the past when things collapsed amid increasing risks of war", he said.

"But it will be hard to get a good opportunity like the last time again", he said.

"What is needed is for the USA to stop its current way of calculation, and come to us with a new calculation", Kim said in a speech on Friday, Reuters reported, citing KCNA, North Korea's state media outlet.

Some experts say it's becoming clear the North intends to turn the talks with the United States into a bilateral arms reduction negotiation between two nuclear states, rather than a unilateral process of surrendering its arsenal.

North Korean officials have traditionally insisted that denuclearization means the USA reducing or eliminating its security commitment to South Korea, including removing nuclear-capable assets from the region.

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