Fortnite’s new Reboot Van comes from the Apex Legends playbook


Image via Epic Games

The next update for unimaginably popular mega-hit Fortnite Battle Royale will bring in the ability to revive your teammates at various spots where Reboot Vans have been parked. With the launch of season 8, Epic Games updated the World Marker tool to allow players to mark certain locations, signal danger, and point out particular items, similar to the ping tool in Respawn Entertainment's hero-based Battle Royale shooter.

The new respawn system in "Fortnite" adds a new item to squad matches, called reboot cards.

Hints about the Reboot Van were first spotted by dataminers back in March. Their squadmates can bring the card to a reboot van to bring them back to life.

Epic finally confirmed that reboot vans are coming to Fortnite next week, putting an end to players' speculation. Available in team and duo modes, teammates will now drop a "Reboot Card" when they die. However, a Reboot Van will be unusable for a set amount of time after it has been used. This will then respawn the eliminated players back into the game at the Reboot Van with the dev video showing off footage of how this will occur.

A glowing mark and audio cue will let nearby players know that a respawn is in progress. As we said again, thanks to Apex Legends and the always growing BR competition, we may see even better features coming to Fortnite. If you're curious how the Reboot Van works, then we've got the details.

The vans are few and far between, and can be tricky to access given the shrinking circle of the map.

Any surviving teammate can resurrect a fallen player, but the reboot process takes a little time.

The new feature was detailed in a developer update featuring Nathan Mooney.

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