European Union chief Brexit negotiator confirms to meet with Irish PM in Dublin

"It is not an easy task but I am confident, I am confident that we will find operational solutions".

"We would not discuss anything with the United Kingdom until there is an agreement for Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as citizens' rights and the financial settlement", he said.

THE European Union has promised to "stand fully behind Ireland" regardless of the result of the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

However, all sides will be hoping that the talks in London between the Conservatives and Labour party will yield a compromise deal which European Union leaders can rubber-stamp on Wednesday.

Mr Varadkar has made it clear that he is open to granting a second extension to the United Kingdom, as long as Prime Minister Theresa May has a clear plan which is focused on a future relationship rather than trying to re-open the Withdrawal Agreement.

Speaking about the EU Council meeting on Wednesday, where it will be decided whether the United Kingdom should get a Brexit extension, Mr Varadkar said leaders would have "different views but I'm confident of reaching an agreement". Brexit, with or without a deal, is now scheduled for April 12. "We are ready to make this clearer if it helps and this work can be done extremely quickly".

He said Dublin and Brussels were intensifying discussions on how they could protect peace on the island of Ireland, anchored in part by the open frontier - while also maintaining the integrity of the EU's single market that allows goods to move freely around the bloc - if Britain left without a deal.

But Leo Varadkar will also re-emphasize that the withdrawal agreement can't be re-negotiated.

The Conservatives and Labour are locked in discussions around finding deal both parties could back, with the opposition pushing for the United Kingdom to enter a customs union with the EU once it had left the bloc.

Appearing alongside him, Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the talks between the Conservative and Labour could be enough in themselves to warrant a further delay to Brexit.

She is due to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron 9th April.

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