Colorado Net Neutrality Bill Heads To Governor's Desk For Signing

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Colorado Net Neutrality Bill Heads To Governor's Desk For Signing

On top of that, the White House said earlier this week that the bill would likely be vetoed by President Trump if it reached his desk.

The White House statement was sent the day before the Democratic-controlled US House is set to vote on a bill to reinstate the 2015 open internet rules.

The reversal of net neutrality rules was a win for internet providers such as Comcast Corp, AT&T Inc and Verizon Communications Inc, but was opposed by companies like Facebook Inc, Inc and Alphabet Inc. "The proposal of the Democrats is governmental control and dictation of the internet".

The full vote comes after weeks of debate among Democrats and Republicans about the substance of the bill during numerous hearings and markups.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks with reporters about his reaction to President Donald Trump's proposed FY2020 budget in Washington, U.S. March 12, 2019. No Democrats voted against it.

"What my friend refers to as a takeover of the Internet, we call protecting consumers, and that's what we're asking the FCC to do", Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Penn.) said. The Trump administration said the bill would "return to the heavy-handed regulatory approach of the previous administration".

Net neutrality is the notion that internet service providers should not favor certain types of internet content by speeding it up or slowing other content down.

After the FCC went to a Republican majority in 2017, its chairman Ajit Pai led a rollback of the rules, characterizing them as an Obama-era regulatory overreach.

The pro-neutrality advocacy group Free Press has said investment by 13 major broadband providers increased in the two years after the FCC passed the net neutrality regulations. Colorado's new Senate Bill 78 would not only block ISPs from engaging in all the usual anti-competitive shenanigans (blocking or otherwise throttling a competing service), but it would also force ISPs to pay back state taxpayer-backed grants if they engage in said behaviors.

H.R. 1644 would also prevent the Commission from adopting rules similar to the current regulations, tying the hands of the Commission in the future and preventing the agency from evolving its rules to adapt to emerging technologies.

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