Are These The New York Jets' New Uniforms For Next Season?

Ryan Shazier trashes Jets’ new uniforms

Jets unveil brand new logo and uniforms, including one jersey color the team has never worn before

So what do the new uniforms look like?

The new look for the Jets was a necessary change for the team in the midst of a rebuild so the jersey change is a bit symbolic for a team looking to leave tough times behind them. The first uniforms in franchise history, modeled after Notre Dame's uniforms, are navy and gold. The new look is pretty sleek though.

The Jets also had some guy sing a awful song before the uniforms were unveiled and boy was that awkward.

The Jets' uniforms have been similar through the years, with some fairly minor changes. The usuals, green at home, white on the road, and now an all-black alternate uniform matching and confirming the various leaks we had seen trickle out over the course of this past week. Contrasting stripes are on each shoulder (white on the green, green on the white as well as on the black), this design is duplicated down each pant leg.

Jets CEO Christopher Johnson is excited about the new uniforms and the team.

"We've got the young quarterback, we've got the new coach, the theme of this team is 'Take Flight.' We're ready to enter a new era", Johnson said in a statement.

Here's a look at all three uniforms together. They've fired two coaches since then - Rex Ryan after the 2014 season and Todd Bowles after last season.

The New York Jets will officially reveal their brand new logo and uniforms at a special event this Thursday, April 4, but images of the threads have already leaked.

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