Woopsie: Lanny Davis Says Michael Cohen DID Ask Trump for Pardon | Trending

Michael Cohen President Donald Trump's former lawyer pauses while speaking as he departs after testifying before a closed-door session of the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill Wednesday

Woopsie: Lanny Davis Says Michael Cohen DID Ask Trump for Pardon | Trending

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, "directed his attorney" to explore a potential presidential pardon past year, his current attorney said Thursday, appearing to contradict his client's testimony to Congress.

New reports that Cohen's had his lawyer ask about a pardon appear to contradict what Cohen testified to Congress, where he denied he ever sought a pardon.

Fox told Scarborough and Brzezinski that before Cohen publicly testified before the House Oversight Committee on February 27, he "spent time digging through boxes in a storage unit to find documents that backed up some of his claims".

In his tweet, Trump, who has been seeking to discredit Cohen as he cooperates with federal prosecutors, referenced congressional testimony last week in which Cohen said he had never asked for, and would not accept, a pardon from Trump.

But former U.S. Attorney Giuliani saw the matter differently.

Cohen says the Trump Organization agreed in 2017 to indemnify him and pay legal fees in connection with investigations arising from his work for the Trump Organization.

Earlier this year, Cohen hired two new Chicago lawyers and parted ways with the attorneys who represented him for months as he cooperated with Mueller and prosecutors in the Southern District of NY.

Cohen says the costs total about $1.9 million (£1.45m) and are still growing. Ohio Republican Rep. Mike Turner has formally asked Cohen's legal team exactly what the topics of interest were. He also badly wanted to work at the White House.

Jordan, R-Ohio, who last week sent a referral to Attorney General William Barr seeking a probe of Cohen's testimony, urged Cummings, D-Md., to support the efforts after Cohen's lawyer admitted he once "directed his attorney" to ask about a possible presidential pardon previous year - despite testifying he never sought a pardon.

Michael Cohen President Donald Trump's former lawyer departs following a full day of testimony with the House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors as he prepares for a three-year prison sentence for lying to Congress and other charges at the
Woopsie: Lanny Davis Says Michael Cohen DID Ask Trump for Pardon | Trending

Giuliani said Thursday he was contacted in May or June about a possible pardon for Cohen.

The company is allegedly reneging on a payment deal after Cohen cooperated with investigations into its business.

A spokesperson for Cummings did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment on when that review would take place.

The poll also surveyed voters' attitudes toward congressional investigations into Trump.

Cohen has pleaded guilty to nine felonies, including lying to Congress in previous testimony. During last week's public testimony, he called Trump a con man, a cheat and a racist.

"That continues to be the case", Davis said.

"His statement at the Oversight Hearing was true - and consistent with his post-joint defense agreement commitment to tell the truth".

In addition to pleading guilty to the lying a year ago to Congress, Cohen also pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and other charges.

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