Windows 10 Preview Build Supports Wireless Android Mirroring

Slow rollout begins for Windows 10 Android screen mirroring

Microsoft's phone-screen mirroring beta hits Windows 10 this week

However, the feature now only works on select devices, so don't get your hopes up quite yet.

That website also features links to the Microsoft Store, which is where users with aging PCs can buy a new one running Windows 10. The feature actually requires Bluetooth with Low Energy Peripheral mode on a PC for it to work, and Microsoft is only starting with the Surface Go to test the feature with Insiders.

This feature allows you to run all of your phone's apps from the comfort of your Windows 10 machine, though, there are a few known issues listed.

Of course, Windows Updates should be fixing problems, not creating them, which is probably why Microsoft has very quietly rolled out this feature.

Select Android phones* running Android 7.0 or greater (*Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+).

This is an easy-to-use method for those who may experience issues when installing cumulative updates, as the version number can indicate whether a specific patch deployed correctly or not. However, the screen-mirroring capability could dramatically take the Android-PC integration to the next level by finally offering an easy way bring Android apps to larger desktop screens.

Back when Windows XP was reaching the end of its life-cycle, Microsoft introduced the "nag" screen which was a popup that informed the user that the OS needed to be updated to Windows 7. Currently, it can let you automatically sync your phone and PC to share photos, files, and texts. You can simply click an app to start using it on the remote phone screen.

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