Why strike for climate change?

Student climate protest February 2019

Student climate protest February 2019

In the months since Thunberg began her weekly action, a contingent of like-minded climate activists has followed suit around the world.

Climate change impacts vary from one region to the next, but teens everywhere confronted with a climate-addled future have decided where to direct their ire.

Activists in the US are making similar demands that are found in Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal: a swift transition to 100 percent renewable energy, a complete abolition of fossil fuels and other environmental mandates.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave her support on Wednesday to a youth movement urging government action to tackle climate change ahead of protests by students across the world later this week.

I have been a part of the committee of climate strikers organising the specifics of the day include time, location and run schedule.

"The situation we are in right now with climate change can not wait until we finish school", Ms Denman said. Early this week, Hirsi tweeted about the importance of recognizing that indigenous leaders, not young white students, have been leading climate activism long before these hashtags.

"The fact that this is led by the younger generations changes the political landscape", said Sebastien Treyer, director general of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations in Paris.

"We were just at the informational hearing about climate change in Idaho the other day, and it's overwhelmingly frustrating to listen to our legislators asking questions about climate change", said Malterre. We are striking for the Green New Deal, a fair and just transition to decarbonize the USA economy, and other legislative action that combats the effects of climate change. We are striking because our world leaders have yet to acknowledge, prioritize, or properly address our climate crisis. "The real power belongs to the people", Thunberg said.

"We weren't aware of the school strike in November".

Youth Climate Strike actions are planned worldwide.

"The idea of this protest is that we have to act now. We want to thank and honour youth leadership in building this local, national and global movement at such a crucial time".

"'There aren't very many spaces that I can be in charge of, and what I'm going to say is going to be heard, ' Margolin said". "I don't want you to be hopeful".

Living in Warringah and being passionate about reversing climate change has always been hard due to our current member consistently denying government policy on the issue. We are striking because marginalized communities across our nation -especially communities of color, disabled communities, and low- income communities- are already disproportionately impacted by climate change.

In France, the message scrawled on posters in the street is more pointed: "In 2050 you will be dead, not us".

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