United States withdraws remaining diplomatic staff from Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro Venezuelan leader is under pressure to step down

Nicolas Maduro Venezuelan leader is under pressure to step down

She told the U.N. Security Council in NY on Tuesday that "a solution can not be, and should never be, imposed from the outside".

"We made the decision yesterday that it just was prudent to get these folks back", Pompeo said Tuesday in an interview with KTRH, a Houston radio station.

Several countries, including the United States, Lima Group members (excluding Mexico), the Organization of American States and a number of European countries recognized him.

Mogherini said the European Union is also working with United Nations agencies "to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those in need inside and outside of the country following the key principles of humanitarian law, and avoiding any politicization of the aid delivery".

The accident at the major Venezuelan hydroelectric power plant Guri on 7 March led to a massive blackout that left most of the country without electricity for days.

Because power to water pumps was interrupted, many parts of the country are also suffering from water supply issues. Top Trump officials have warned in recent days that they want to take action to accelerate Maduro's departure, with National Security Adviser John Bolton threatening financial institutions, insurance companies, and shipping companies of US sanctions.

Maduro's political foes and many specialists believe the nationwide blackout is the result of years of mismanagement, corruption and incompetence.

US President Donald Trump backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president after he declared himself an interim leader on 23 January.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) demanded Venezuelan authorities release Diaz.

People collect water released through a sewage drain that feeds into the Guaire River in Caracase Venezuela yesterday
United States withdraws remaining diplomatic staff from Venezuela

The spokesman can not be identified in media reports because of internal ministry rules.

The crowd in response shouted a profane insult, part of an increasingly common call-and-response game played in public places to express discontent with the socialist leader.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the U.S.is withdrawing its remaining embassy staff from the country, citing Venezuela's deteriorating situation and "constraints" on U.S. policy caused by their continued presence.

Maduro's government in January cut ties with the USA over its recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela's rightful leader.

Venezuela's foreign ministry said Tuesday that talks on keeping some representation collapsed due to hostility from Washington. The presence of American diplomats "entails risks to the country's peace, integrity and stability", the minister explained.

He rejected Maduro's assertion that the USA was responsible for the power blackout and instead pointed the finger at the socialist nature of the Venezuelan government.

The decision also comes amid growing concern that American diplomats could become a pawn in the battle with President Nicolas Maduro as the USA tries to push him from power.

Since recognizing Guaido, the US has sanctioned the state-owned oil company and top Maduro-aligned officials, imposed visa bans or revocations on over 250 officials, and amassed around 200 metric tons of humanitarian aid across the border in Colombia and supported efforts by Guaido and his supporters to rush it across the border. Cuba has made the same accusation against the US, alleging that it is after Venezuela's oil.

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