'The Bachelor' Recap: Season Finale - Colton and Cassie [Spoiler]

The Bachelor Finale Colton Cassie

'The Bachelor' Recap: Season Finale — Colton and Cassie [Spoiler]

As Colton Underwood's season came to an end Tuesday night, one memorable member of Bachelor Nation made a decision to tune in and sound off on what she was watching.

"If it weren't for me being friends with [Jared], inviting him to my place, inviting him to events, who knows if I would be engaged now", she added. He tells her he "sacrificed and gave up everything" for her by dumping Tayshia and Hannah G. - and she looks pretty thrilled to hear it, actually! If you put a commitment-phobic young woman in a room with her skeptic of a dad, who's convinced she's not ready for a relationship, then yeah, chances are she's going to pull the plug. After meeting Colton's family in Denver, Hannah was left shocked and heartbroken when he unexpectedly ended their relationship that same evening.

Reality Steve, an online personality who brings spoilers out ahead of the season, previously claimed that Colton would chase after Cassie and film with her in Southern California. "What happened last night was great for our relationship".

Colton admitted that he didn't expect his virginity to be featured so prominently - nearly as much as that fence jump - saying, "I never thought it would become this big a deal or a story".

'This is something I really believe in, ' Hannah said.

Ever since Colton Underwood was cast as the lead of The Bachelor, fans have wondered: Is The Bachelor Colton Underwood still a virgin?

The Bachelor Finale Colton Dad
‘The Bachelor’ season 23 finale recap

Colton and Cassie head out to see the Mallorca sights, and things are still a bit tense: When she asks him to sing for her, he jokes, "I don't want you to leave me again". She's ready to commit to Colton. Although they're not living together quite yet, Colton did move to LA, and they're planning on doing a lot of traveling together over the next year.

Cue the final date, which Harrison said "will decide everything". I feel like a man.

Hilariously enough, Cassie asks what's the middle ground between boyfriend and girlfriend, and husband and wife? "We did what was best for our relationship, and we grew as a couple", he said. But never mind, he's happy.

"I do feel like you guys got cheated a little bit because of the way you went about this, because they love to have you get engaged on television and part of the deal is you get the ring from Neil Lane", Jimmy said.

Bachelor nation finally got the fence jump, sat through two heartbreaks Monday night and now is anticipating if Cassie is just a girl not that into Colton. The segment aired right after Colton and Cassie closed the door to the fantasy suite, and had the vibe of a wildly inappropriate National Football League halftime show or cable news panel.

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