Stream Apple Music on Amazon Fire TV starting today

Apple Music on Amazon Fire TV

Apple Music is Now Available on The Amazon Fire TV

Although Apple Music won't come to Google Home devices, at least not anytime soon, there are other devices out there waiting to get support for the music streaming service.

You can access it on the Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple CarPlay, Apple HomePod, as well as Android devices, Amazon Echo devices, Sonos speakers, and now, Amazon Fire TV devices.

In late 2018, Apple Music's availability expanded to Amazon's ecosystem with support on Echo speakers in the U.S. On Wednesday, Amazon announced that this support is expanding. However, if you just now are looking to add the Apple Music, you'll need to enable the skill. They can search through text or voice, whether you use the remote or the mobile app, across a vast channel library. But once it does, it's all Apple Music for you, all the time.

Click the
Click the"Enable button to enable the skill

This is just another small step in Apple's transition to an increasingly services-oriented business, with those services available on a growing number of devices and ecosystems. The new support has arrived in the Apple Music skill, which has already been available for Echo device owners to utilize.

Apple's on the offensive with services right now. Amazon's voice assistant Alexa also now allows users to say things like "rewind 20 seconds" for more attuned searching, and the system will also show you where the video you want can be found. Anyone who wanted Apple Music needed to buy an Apple device.

The news of this upgrade comes as Apple recently announced it now has over 50 million subscribers to Music.

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