Spring forward! Daylight saving time starts Sunday

Scot Gow works on clocks at Electric Time Company in Medfield

David L. Ryan Globe Staff Scott Gow works on clocks at Electric Time Company in Medfield

Early risers will be getting up in the dark again, but those who love long afternoons will rejoice: Daylight saving time is back again.

While the benefits of Daylight Saving Time are questionable, the negative impacts have begun to receive more attention in recent years.

The country springs into daylight saving time early Sunday morning, when most Americans will move their clocks forward by one hour.

"I sure as heck hope next week because what happens is with majority changing their clocks and losing one hour of sleep, I hope they're cranky enough to get it done", he said.

While Willet's idea may have been rejected in England, it found its first foothold in an unexpected place: the halls of the German government during World War I. In 1916, as the war raged, the German government was seeking ways to conserve energy when Willet's concept was brought to the table and accepted. That swell idea lasted less than a year, but was picked up again in 1966 when the United States adopted the Uniform Time Act. The Florida Legislature passed a bill last spring to stay on Daylight Savings Time year round, but the change requires federal approval, but that never happened.

According to BC Hydro, the majority of British Columbians are uncertain about the goal of Daylight Saving Time. Daylight Savings Time, while often used, is a misspelling. Before that, individual states could come up with their own versions of Daylight Saving Time, which, as you can imagine, was chaotic.

"In a population that is already chronically sleep deprived, even if one hour doesn't seem to be a lot of sleep deprivation, when it's on the top of a chronic sleep debt, people will feel it quite a bit". Driving between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.is particularly risky, because your circadian rhythm is at its lowest during this two-hour period.

- Those thinking of another way: ME cooked up a little workaround to federal approval: Lawmakers there passed a bill to simply move into a whole new time zone (Atlantic Standard Time) and then opt out of DST, which states can choose to do (the state Senate later added a change that stalled its taking effect).

As Sunday morning nears, keep in mind to set your clocks forward by one hour by 2 a.m., or before you go to bed Saturday night.

- Most of Africa, the Middle East and Asia: While much of Europe utilizes the time change, very little of the rest of the world does. "Furthermore, It takes most people several nights to shift their circadian rhythms and get their sleep back on track". Even if the legislature passes the bill, Congress would have to approve it. Marco Rubio, and U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, both of Florida, introduced measures to make daylight saving time permanent nationwide.

"Realistically it allows time to reset itself with the seasons", Corey Duquette said.

So who is a more likely candidate for father of daylight saving time?

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