Sniper Elite V2 Remastered confirmed, alongside VR, Switch projects and a sequel

Rebellion Announces New Sniper Elite Game Sniper Elite V2 Remastered & More

Rebellion Announces New Sniper Elite Game Sniper Elite V2 Remastered & More

Developer Rebellion has announced the next mainline entry in the series (guessing 'Sniper Elite 5′), a Sniper Elite VR title, Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, and Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition for Nintendo Switch.

Fans face an even longer wait for fresh details and gameplay for Sniper Elite 5.

You want Sniper Elite? Rebellion says that it's also working on a standalone VR title to be revealed later this year, which is a bit closer to home, but I'm afraid there's no way for me to swing a Switch release of Sniper Elite 3 as particularly relevant in this case.

Developer and publisher Rebellion have just announced that they have a total of 4, yes 4!, Sniper Elite projects on the go.

The Sniper Elite V2 reboot will not only contain updated graphical improvements but will also consolidate all of the DLC into one package.

Finally, a new major Sniper Elite game is in the making and is set to be revealed in 2020. An impressive addition to the Nintendo Switch's already diverse roster.

The latest chapter in the award-winning series, Sniper Elite III takes players to the unforgiving yet exotic terrain of WW2's North Africa conflict in a battle against a deadly new foe. Not a name, premise or setting.

If you haven't played the series, it's definitely worth the pick. Finally, the studio confirmed that they are also working on the follow up to Sniper Elite 4 which is now scheduled for a 2020 release. The games put players in a what-if scenario of actual world history.

That brings me to my next point, the game's signature aspect is the x-ray shots.

For those who want to snag a picture of their kills (pretty morbid, but okay), the photo mode allows you to pause and scrub through the kill frame-by-frame to get exactly the right moment, line up the shot with ideal positioning, apply a filter, adjust the lighting, and snap for a nice battlefield memento.

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