Score pie deals on National Pi Day

Popular Dublin pizza place offer ANY PIZZA for €3.14 this week

5 Pi Day Pizza Specials in Charlotte (Plus: A Pie)

Which is technically not a National Food Day at all, but a celebration of mathematics that references the constant Pi, often represented by the Greek letter π.

Slices of pie being offered for $3.14.

The first Pi Day was organized in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium when physicist Larry Shaw had the idea to celebrate the day by marching around a circle and then eating some pies.

Cicis is celebrating Pi Day by offering a discounted adult buffet for $3.14 with the purchase of an adult buffet and a large drink. Pi may be infinite, but this deal is limited to Pi Day only.

On Thursday, March 14, BJ's dine-in guests can order a mini one-topping pizza for only $3.14. In addition, they're offering 14 percent off any order over $20 for teachers with an ID. So, you can celebrate Einstein's birthday and a crazy-long decimal with your favorite type of pizza or pie.

Get $3.14 off whole dessert pies, excluding boysenberry, Dutch apple and Key lime.

Every Pi Day, my brother-in-law, a PhD math/physics guru, posts an endearingly nerdy treatise about pi on Facebook. Use the coupon code 314 - the deal is available for delivery and pickup. The deal is valid for dine-in and takeout.

Villa Italian Kitchen is offering one Neapolitan Cheese pizza at the special price of $3.14 with coupon. Promotion for single slices only; one slice per customer.

Bertuccis - At this eastern United States pizza chain, receive a free large cheese or Bertucci pizza for $3.14 with the purchase of any large pizza when you use the code "PIDAY".

7-Eleven stores will offer a whole pizza via the chain's 7NOW app for $3.14.

Kneaders Bakery, 1821 N. Rock Road: Offering $1.50 slices of pie with purchase on Thursday. The 2019 Pi Day deal is available for in-store orders only, while supplies last. It is also involved in calculating the area of a circle, the volume of a sphere, and many other mathematical formulas you might need in the sciences.

We've compiled a list of the best places to score a deal on a pie this Pi Day, so take a peek and see if there are any being served up near you.

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