Pilot orders 23 pizzas for passengers stranded on snowy tarmac

Canadian Pilot gets pizza delivered to passengers stuck during snowstorm

Pilot orders 23 pizzas for passengers stranded on snowy tarmac

A generous pilot placated his exhausted and stressed out passengers by ordering 23 pizzas to their airplane during a snowstorm. After several hours stuck in the plane, the pilot made a decision to order food.

According to the CBC, the flight had left Toronto, Ontario, on Monday afternoon, heading towards Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A business class customer in Canada was so furious with the lack of meal options on a recent Air Canada flight that not only did he get kicked off the plane but the knock-on effect forced a five-hour delay onto the other passengers.

True story! On AIr Canada # 608 that was diverted to Fredericton because we couldn't land in HAlifax. staying in plane on the tarmac.

After circling Halifax Stanfield International Airport, the plane was eventually diverted to Fredericton, where the plane remained on the tarmac for an extended period of time.

After the flight was grounded, the captain placed a call to a local restaurant to order the pizzas.

So, he called Minglers Restaurant and Pub and requested 23 pepperoni and cheese pizzas for his passengers, whose two-hour flight had become an eight-hour nightmare.

"They looked like they appreciated the pizza ... they were pretty calm and pretty cheery", she said.

"Our flight attendants and several pilots from our Air Canada Express partner JAZZ jumped in to help serve the pizza and made sure everyone was comfortable", Arthur told Daily Hive.

"We told him we could have them made in an hour or hour and a half", manager Jofee Lariv?e told CNN. "Everyone chipped in, so he did not wish to take the entire credit score for himself".

Halifax councillor Bill Karsten, who was on his way home, posted a photograph of a Air Canada cabin crew member smiling passenger while handing out the pizza.

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