One Dead, Multiple Missing After Extreme Floodwaters Overwhelm Nebraska, Midwest

RETRANSMISSION TO CORRECT SURNAME- Tom Wilke left his son Chad center and Nick Kenny launch a boat into the swollen waters of the North Fork of the Elkhorn River to check on Witke's flooded property in Norfolk Neb. Friday

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Heavy rains and melting snowpack caused unprecedented water levels.

A flood watch has been issued for the Speed River and Cambridge flood co-ordinators have been advised to monitor and prepare to close Blackbridge Road at the Speed River on Friday. The weather service recorded a 60 miles per hour (97 kph) wind gust at Indianapolis International Airport. Only minor flooding of low-lying areas is expected along there. Pierce calls it the "dress rehearsal for the main event that's going to happen in early April". Flood stage is at 27 feet.

Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska have all declared states of emergencies. If ice becomes trapped along the river it could mean drastically increased water levels behind it, depending on severity and potentially happening very quickly.

When it does, he said, there will be another round of flooding in those states that will then move south along the MS into IL and Iowa. CNN reported that some people who were rescued suffered from hypothermia, and had to be transported to the hospital.

"It was ugly. It still is", Jim Freeman said after using a chain saw to cut up a chunk of ice that floodwaters left in his driveway in Fremont, Nebraska.

RETRANSMISSION TO CORRECT SURNAME- Tom Wilke center his son Chad right and Nick Kenny load a boat out of the swollen waters of the North Fork of the Elkhorn River after checking on the Witke's flooded property in Norfolk Neb. Friday March 1
Some roads closed due to flooding

"This is an extremely risky and life-threatening situation", the weather service said. "Do not attempt to travel unless you are fleeing an area subject to flooding or under an evacuation order". Farmland typically takes the brunt of the flood damage.

Mark Becker, a spokesman for Nebraska Public Power District, told Newsweek that the nuclear station was operating safely at 100 percent output. "I have no place to go", said Dale Chaney of Percival. It's warmed up. The ground is frozen still. The rain and snow has moved away and we'll see sunshine return to the region later today.

The "bomb cyclone" slammed the central United States with hurricane-like winds and blizzard conditions this week, leaving in its tracks heavy rains and flooding.

A bomb cyclone occurs when there is a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure.

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