McSally 'disappointed' in McConnell's decision to block Mueller report

McSally 'disappointed' in McConnell's decision to block Mueller report

McSally 'disappointed' in McConnell's decision to block Mueller report

We don't know what's in Mueller's report yet, but it could well indicate that Mueller found all sorts of misconduct or bad behavior by Trump that didn't rise to the level of crimes but will nevertheless be damaging and quoted heavily by political opponents as we head into a presidential election. And their celebration, by the way, is wildly premature.

Cory Booker (D-N.J.), who said his view has not changed because he has not seen the full Mueller report, only Attorney General Bill Barr's summary of the findings. How could they give up the chance to shout the words "No collusion!" as loudly and as often as they pleased? First, he didn't think it was his job to state a firm conclusion. Trump's adversaries were told to fold up their tents.

Trump has said he "wouldn't mind" if the full report were released.

"My colleagues and I - 21 of us - are standing as the firewall for people in CT and the American people", Tong said.

It said that Mueller had been unable to make a final determination on whether Trump tried to obstruct justice by hampering the Russian Federation probe.

Election preview. While the case is unlikely to be resolved in the near future, the Trump administration's move is likely to energize Democratic candidates gearing up for next year's election. Dead. Kaput. Twenty million people or so losing health coverage. 52 million Americans have pre-existing conditions. She has deftly pushed back the clamoring in her own caucus and kept the focus on the core issues that are already winning for the Democrats.

Now the Justice Department is moving to eradicate the Affordable Care Act altogether, arguing that it has no constitutional authority. Once again, Trump brought Democrats together. The bottom line: Freeing our country from the clutches of Trumpism was always going to require a broad popular consensus.

Speaking of the Mueller report, Rudy Giuliani says he wouldn't have any issues with releasing Trump's written testimony that was submitted to Mueller.

Trump's approval rating got a slight boost, with 43 percent of Americans saying they approved of his performance in office, the highest he has polled so far this year and an increase of 4 percentage points compared to a similar poll last week. "Dear GOP: When Democrats are setting themselves ablaze by advocating for the destruction of American health care, try to resist the temptation of asking them to pass the kerosene", tweeted Josh Holmes, a former chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who is advising GOP campaigns in the 2020 elections.

And they can not let Barr off the hook for not leaving it to Congress to decide whether Mueller's discoveries add up to obstruction or not.

Lindsey Graham told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he had dinner the previous evening with Barr, who said he is willing to testify before Graham's committee after he sends the report to Congress. Justice Department officials said Tuesday that more information could be released in "weeks, not months".

On Monday, Schiff also singled out the attorney general.

'Barr is lying for Trump!'

On Tuesday, the panel voted 22-0 to send the resolution to the full House of Representatives for a possible vote on the floor, Reuters reported.

President Trump's decision to kick off a renewed battle to dismantle President Barack Obama's health care law stunned lawmakers on Capitol Hill, who will face the reckoning from voters if the administration's efforts to overturn the law succeed this time around.

It's rare for democracy to produce miraculous solutions to our problems.

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