Lynne Patton Hits Back at Rep. Rashida Tlaib: You’re the Racist

Representative Rashida Tlaib, a freshman Democrat from MI, objected to former Trump employee Lynne Patton's unexpected appearance earlier in the hearing; specifically, she said that Patton, a black woman, had been used as "a prop" by Republicans to dispute Cohen's characterization of President Trump as a racist.

Patton, who is Trump's appointee serving as the New York-New Jersey regional administrator for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), stood silently behind Meadows as he sought to explain his reasoning for bringing her out. And there's this visual 'Exhibit A, ' American people: "'there's a black person here and we have a black person who can't tell you what she thinks, we'll tell you how she feels, and that will prove that Donald Trump is not a racist.' [It] is the most ridiculous, ludicrous thing I've seen the Republican Party do in a really long time and that's saying a lot", Nelson said. "The answer is zero". "And he told me that black people would never vote for him because they were too stupid. I was there to represent one man", Patton, who is African-American, told "Fox & Friends" Thursday, adding that the president's economic policies have benefited people of color. "But I am not calling Mr. Meadows a racist for doing so, I am saying in itself it is a racist act".

Speaking on "Fox & Friends" this Thursday, Patton said that President Trump "does not see color, race, creed, religion".

The exchange immediately drew attention on social media and the firestorm continued when several Democrats on the committee criticized Meadows' actions. She was, of course, talking about President Trump.

"I am sad that Michael has elected to leverage his own personal illegal activities into nothing more than political theater this week with the sole partisan objective to embarrass a sitting President with unfounded personal or professional gossip", Patton wrote. And say, see, how could he be racist?

"To prop up one member of our entire race of black people and say that nullifies that is totally insulting", Lawrence said.

"Today a race card was played", Patton wrote.

"He once asked me if I could name a country run by a black person that wasn't a 'shithole.' This was when Barack Obama was President of the United States".

A visibly upset Meadows pushed back against the accusation: "There's nothing more personal to me than my relationship... my nieces and nephews are people of color".

"Just to make a note, Mr. Chairman, just because someone has a person of color, a black person working for them does not mean they aren't racist", Tlaib said. "It could a country, a business, a television show, a restaurant, you're either successful or you're not".

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