Knicks owner James Dolan expresses bold confidence ahead of free agency

James Dolan

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Dolan appeared on ESPN's The Michael Kay Show on Tuesday and called the interaction an "ambush" and one that the fan planned to do as the video quickly appeared on TMZ.

"For the record, I am not selling the team, and I am not quitting", Dolan, the team's owner, said on Tuesday during a rare radio interview. There are some who believe that the reason behind this slump is primarily due to the presence of team owner James Dolan.

"There are teams that do not want us to get free agents, some in particular", said Dolan. Dolan stressed he wouldn't sell even if someone offered him as much as $6 billion.

The Knicks, of course, have been a rumored destination for Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant and Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving, both of whom are able to become unrestricted free agents in July. Dolan begins. "You wanna not come to any more games?" then adding that the comment was rude.

Dolan admitted he wouldn't kick out everyone if more fans chanted the same thing at him.

"There are certain journalists that, you know, actually wish ill will toward the team", Dolan said in defense of his decision.

"Then, as soon as they were done with it, it was immediately sold to TMZ", Dolan said. "These people clearly were there for a confrontation". "They were stalking me", Dolan said.

On Saturday, Dolan had a run-in with a fan who said some words as the owner headed into the locker room after a loss.

Dolan brushed off the notion that the incident may have contributed to possible concerns among high-profile free agents about coming to NY, calling the city "the mecca" of basketball. "But look, not for nothing, but I shouldn't have taken the bait".

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