James Corden pulls the ultimate prank on David Beckham

David Beckham Falls Hook, Line And Sinker For James Corden’s Statue Swap Prank

Watch: James Corden Prank David Beckham With Ugly Statue

This was followed by the reveal of a sizzle reel of Beckham's biggest soccer "highs" to be played during the ceremony.

The star clapped politely before raising his issues with the actor playing the sculptor, saying: "It's slightly different from what it was when I saw it in Chicago".

Finding it hysterical, Corden then rushed in to reveal the joke, cue lots of bleeped expletives from Beckham, embarrassed that he'd fallen for it, but mightily relieved this wasn't the real deal.

In a clip released on Monday's The Late Late Show, Beckham was shocked at the sculpture, calling it "embarrassing" before asking the film crew to turn off the cameras.

David Beckham wouldn't have been the first soccer player to get a weird-looking commemorative statue, and James Corden used that to his advantage.

The proportions aren't quite right
The proportions aren't quite right

Corden said the prank, which took place before the genuine statue was unveiled to the public earlier this month, took three months to prepare. The only thing that's good is that hair and that's about it. It doesn't really look nothing like me.

"If my kids were to see this, I think they'd just cry!" "I mean, look how long my arms are, I honestly look like Stretch Armstrong", he said, still trying to remain polite, but clearly getting increasingly annoyed about it all.

By the end, a forklift accidentally knocked the fake statue over, breaking it and having Beckham tell the driver he did him a favor.

Switching the real statue for one that looked nothing like the footballer, hidden cameras filmed the 43-year-old's reaction to the disgusting sculpture.

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