Islamic Jihad denies it's behind rockets, Egyptian delegation leaves Gaza

PM & DM Netanyahu meets with security chiefs. Mar. 14 2019

PM & DM Netanyahu meets with security chiefs. Mar. 14 2019

Residents of Tel Aviv and the towns that surround it heard the sound of rocket alert sirens on Thursday evening after two missiles were launched from Gaza. Video broadcast on Israeli TV showed two Israeli interceptor missiles streaking into the sky above Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial capital, and detonating.

No injuries were reported.

The attacks came as Gaza rulers Hamas sought to contain riots by Palestinians in the coastal enclave and security experts in Israel speculated that the domestic disturbances could lead the terror group to strike Israel as a diversion.

Accordging to AFP, an Israeli military spokesman told local reporters that no interceptions were made by Iron Dome aerial defence systems. Israeli media said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was convening senior military and security officers to evaluate the situation. It would be the first time that Tel Aviv has been targeted by rocket fire since a 2014 war against Gaza militants.

Hamas has cleared out its positions in Gaza, in expectation of the attack.

Hamas denied responsibility for the attack on Tel Aviv, saying the rockets were launched when the group's military wing was meeting with Egyptian mediators to try to strengthen a ceasefire between Gaza militants and Israel.

The anniversary of the Gaza border protests is in two weeks, on March 30 and Palestinian groups have been preparing events and march to mark the date. They include Salafists inspired by ISIS, as well as Islamic Jihad, an Iranian-backed armed organization that also possesses a formidable rocket arsenal.

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