Inside Marvel's Long Road to Finally Putting a Female Front and Center

Inside Marvel's Long Road to Finally Putting a Female Front and Center

Inside Marvel's Long Road to Finally Putting a Female Front and Center

This first Captain Marvel post-credits scene is likely pulled from Endgame.

Definitely stay for the first one. That's right! One second she's not there, and the next she is, right smack dab in the middle of the Avengers compound, which she apparently infiltrated instantly and in complete silence. Also, in the after credit scene, Captain America is still sporting his bearded look from "Infinity War", meaning it probably occurs shortly after the events of that movie. It goes without saying that potential spoilers could follow below the cut so tread carefully if you're looking to avoid reading anything about Endgame.

But with Captain Marvel, I would like to invite you to ask yourself if you have to be passionate about not liking this movie (if you happen to not like it). So if he had this pager on his person since the mid-90s, why did he wait until Infinity War to use it? In the end, setting up the series' next blockbuster may be Captain Marvel's main accomplishment. By the end of her intense 9-month training schedule, the actress was able to deadlift well over 225 pounds, which is impressive for someone who considered herself pretty weak by most people's standards. She also says that portraying the Air Force pilot reinforced her identity and helped her understand the true value of her voice. "By the time we finished with all that, there was no room" in the two-hour-plus movie for romance, director Anna Boden says. Rhodey (Don Cheadle) walks in to tell Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johannson), "That thing just stopped doing whatever the hell it was doing". Cap tells them to reboot it and send the signal again. "I said [Captain Marvel] could time travel one time".

Captain Marvel takes a power blast to that whole trope.

"Where's Fury?" she demands.

Captain Marvel was contacted by Nick Fury at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Also, she's very confident in her powers when it comes to facing Thanos.

Still, as with most Marvel films, Captain Marvel does not shy away from spectacle, offering dazzling special effects and production design, massive outer-space battle scenes, fast-paced hand-to-hand combat and a complex origin story for our titular hero.

Films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have made an industry out of post-credit scenes.

Avengers: Engdame is scheduled for a United States release date of April 26, 2019. Nevertheless, it was awesome.

The key to the success of this picture is the wonderful relationship that is nearly immediately formed when Fury trusts Carol Danvers and decides to help her.

What happens: The scene opens on Nick Fury's office, which is empty - or nearly empty. The nameplate simply says "Fury" on the front.

Well, Goose isn't a cat - he's a Flerken, an alien creature who only looks like a cat.

Like all cats do, especially mine - a lot lately, annoyingly - he begins to cough up a hairball.

Of course, Fury goes on to lie about how he got the injury, coming up with some elaborate tale involving the Tesseract and the Kree, which sounds far more exciting than a little scuffle with a moggy.

As Fury delivers baby-talk to Goose, the cat takes a swipe at his face, leaving several scratch marks across Fury's eyebrow and eyelid. She's a total badass from start to finish. All of them were targeted for the same reason: the irrational belief that racially diverse casts and female lead characters in genre films are somehow a threat to white men (who still have the vast majority of roles in studio films).

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