Inscription & Loot Updates Detailed by Anthem Devs

Inscription & Loot Updates Detailed by Anthem Devs

Inscription & Loot Updates Detailed by Anthem Devs

Diablo 3's former senior designer even weighed in on the discussion.

This paired with the new inscription changes should make farming better end-game gear less tedious and frustrating.

On top of the inscription changes, uncommon (white) and common (green) items have been removed from level 30 drop tables, meaning higher-level players won't be quite as swamped with weak loot - it's unclear if these will be replaced by higher-rated loot, or simply won't appear at all.

The developer, however, is releasing an update today (28 February) or tomorrow which addresses issues with the game's loot system - which was criticised in GameCentral's review for its tiresome drops. In a Reddit post, lead producer Ben Irving detailed what players can expect in the new loot system.

The biggest changes, however, all have to with the dreaded inscriptions.

Currently, it's possible to grind for hours, get a new masterwork assault rifle, and then have one of the four inscriptions rolls on that assault rifle be something like "machine pistols do 9 per cent more damage" with a gear icon next to it showing that bonus only applies to the gun rather than the entire Javelin, making it completely useless (since it's not a machine pistol).

BioWare has been using Reddit as their main base of operations, giving daily meaningful updates within the comment sections of the Anthem subreddit as well as fully fleshed out topics detailing where they're headed.

The studio is changing that with today's update, as any Inscription picked up that doesn't affect an equipped weapon will instead provide a bonus to your Javelin, such as increasing your electrical damage output.

For example, an assault rifles have their own pool. If an inscription is item-specific, it will always directly benefit that item, assault rifle with an inscription that grants 12 per cent more ammo on assault rifles.

This update, however, will only relate to loot earned after it's been released, with the items you have unaffected by the changes.

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