I purposely called Apple CEO Tim Cook 'Tim Apple'

Apple chief Tim Cook has fun on Twitter after Trump's verbal gaffe

Apple CEO Tim Cook is trolling Donald Trump on Twitter

So here we are, five days after Donald Trump made headlines for calling Apple CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple," still discussing the fact that Donald Trump called Apple CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple". He then admonished the "Fake News" for putting out "another bad Trump story".

Today, we learned a couple of things about Tim Cook; one, he did hear the president call him Tim Apple.

We told you recently about USA president Donald Trump managing to call Apple CEO Tim Cook by the wrong name during the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting a couple of days ago.

"I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple as an easy way to save time & words". "Trump told the donors that he actually said "Tim Cook Apple" really fast, and the "Cook" part of the sentence was soft".

Apple chief Tim Cook has fun on Twitter after Trump's verbal gaffe
By changing his profile on Twitter, Tim Cook displays a sense of humor

The president on Monday tweeted in defense of his malaprop, saying he had combined the executive's name and his company to keep conversation flowing at the first American Workforce Policy Advisory Meeting.

But the White House's official transcript of the president's remarks at the meeting covered up the mistake, caught clearly on videotape, by using punctuation.

"We have so many companies coming".

"Nobody cared, they said, and Tim Cook took it in good humor by changing his Twitter profile to Tim Apple", Axios reported. I used to say, "Tim, you've got to start doing it over here", and you really have. You've really put a big investment in our country. Last year, he had called Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson "Marillyn Lockheed".

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