House Votes Almost Unanimously For Public Release Of Mueller Report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is believed close to wrapping up his investigation of whether Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Russia

House to vote on resolution calling for public release of Mueller report

The Democratic-backed resolution, which passed 420-0 in the House, comes as Mueller is nearing an end to his investigation.

But the resolution by itself can not force attorney general William Barr to publish more of the report than he intends to - and that is why even some of the Republicans supporting it complained that the measure was a waste of time.

House Democrats already have vowed to subpoena the report and go to court if necessary to win its full release.

The House of Representatives wants special counsel Robert Mueller's report to be made available to them-and the public.

At least one Republican is siding with Democrats. Lindsey Graham of SC interjected and asked that the resolution be modified to call for Attorney General William Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Department of Justice's handling of the Clinton email investigation and other matters. But nobody has lifted a finger to call for an investigation into the other side of the story.

It called for any report Mueller sends to Barr to be released publicly - except for any classified material. It's not clear yet when that will be, but it is expected to happen in the coming days or weeks. Nevertheless, the Democrats who introduced the resolution hope it will serve to pressure Barr.

The vote put the vast majority of House Republicans on record as supporting broad disclosure of the report on an investigation that Trump has called a "witch hunt" led by "thugs".

Manafort has been sentenced to about 7 1/2 years in federal prison after he was convicted in two cases that came out of the Mueller investigation, and shortly after he learned his fate the Manhattan district attorney indicted him on 16 pardon-proof counts related to real estate fraud.

But Democrats have said they are unsatisfied with Barr's answers and want a stronger commitment to releasing the full report, along with interview transcripts and other underlying evidence.

But it's not yet clear how much of the special counsel's findings the public will get to see. He said he has no reason to believe that Barr won't follow the regulations. Those regulations require only that the report explain decisions to pursue or to decline prosecutions, which could range from a bullet-point list to a report running hundreds of pages.

Representative Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and author of the resolution, said on the House floor: "It is important that Congress stand up for the principle of full transparency at a time when the president has publicly attacked the Russian Federation investigation more than 1,100 times and counting".

No date has been mentioned for the Mueller report's release.

"Transparency is fundamental to the special counsel's process, especially when dealing with matters of national security involving the president", said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, whose committee will oversee any impeachment motion. But both McConnell and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, South Carolina Sen. Barr will then decide how much of the report to make public.

"I don't know what, at the end of the day, what will be releasable".

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