Game of Thrones reveals exact length of first two season 8 episodes

Rumors of mega-long ‘Game of Thrones’ episodes aren’t true

Enlarge Image Daenerys Targaryen in"Game of Thrones

Back in 2017, sound designer Paula Fairfield teased that the Game of Thrones showrunners were considering extending all six episodes of the upcoming final season from the traditional hour-long run times to the length of feature films. Normally, individual episodes are priced at $4.49 CAD each (there are 10 episodes in season 2).

Now initially I felt this could not be right as I have never seen any Game of Thrones season yet have such tight runtimes rounded up like that.

In January, it was reported that the first two episodes would be 60 minutes, with the other four clocking in at 80, although the exact figures made this seem like a placeholder with the episodes not yet fully cut. I'm pretty sure HBO never put any kind of limitations on how long episodes should be and we have actually had a longer episode already in Season 7. Season 7's finale came in at almost 80 minutes, which has been the longest Game of Thrones episode to date. Considering the two shortest episodes of Game of Thrones were each 50 minutes long, this means that Season 8 technically contains seven episodes worth of material.

Game of Thrones has been an extremely successful series for HBO throughout its run.

Last year, news broke that the final season of the fantasy series will be bringing with it fewer, albeit super-sized episodes.

In the wake of a truly epic trailer, Game Of Thrones hype has reached an all-time high.

With only six episodes to fit a whole season's worth of story into, Thrones will have to make the most of every minute of season 8. will have daily GoT coverage up until launch and through the season.

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