Fortnite Copies Apex Legends' Best Feature With The Season 8 Update

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass WARNING Free Battle Pass Countdown ahead of S8 start time

Fortnite Overtime Challenges WARNING Free Season 8 Battle Pass runs out TONIGHT

There are some interesting new challenges in the game that will take you to explore the newest areas of the map that were added to the game after the latest bout of downtime. The start of a new season also means you should say goodbye to vaulted items like the and X-4 Stormwing plane, but luckily the new arrival of hot air vents make for an acceptable transportation substitute. It is possible that they will introduce animated wraps in this season as there is an option when you select wraps where you can see animated wraps.

Fortnite Season 8 launched this morning and players quickly latched on to a bug that only appears in replay mode, showing trucks with a player hologram on top and a bright red button on the rear. Get close and say hello and you should see a notification pop up that says you've made progress towards completion.

Epic has released the first information about Season 8's Battle Pass, which you'll find below. Pirates, Ninjas and a shipload of new fighters will tussle over treasure, battle with Pirate Cannons and uncover legendary loot.

If Fortnite Battle Passes are your thing then you'll be glad to know that over 100 new exclusive rewards have been added and ready to unlock. Check out Sunny Steps, Lazy Lagoon, and the new Fortnight volcano, all in our concise look at season 8's new Fortnite map. Team up with a friend to complete these new social challenges together.

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