Ever Worst Cyclone Idai makes landfall near Beira, more damage ahead

Durban rescuers lend a hand to Mozambique as Cyclone Idai approaches

Cyclone Idai: 10 people confirmed dead as countries ask for help from SA

In February 2000, Cyclone Eline hit Mozambique when it was already devastated by its worst floods in three decades.

Malawi and Mozambique have requested assistance from the South African government following the destruction caused by Cyclone Idai in the two neighbouring countries.

The category 4 cyclone is due to make landfall on Thursday afternoon.

The wave of cancellations came as the United Nations warned that "tropical cyclone Idai has regained intensity and is expected to make landfall near Beira city in central Mozambique" later Thursday.

The cyclone, named Tropical Cyclone Idai, is gathering strength over the Indian Ocean and is predicted to hit the country in the city of Beira in Sofala Province.

Heavy rains have already killed about 100 people in Mozambique and Malawi.

According to the Saffir-Simpson scale Cyclone Idai is now and extremely risky category 4 storm and has explosively intensified in the past 8 hours which is expected to make landfall by tomorrow.

A tropical cyclone is a low-pressure weather phenomenon that forms over oceans when the water temperature is at least 26 degrees Celsius.

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South African officials are working with their counterparts in Mozambique through the National Joint Operations Centre to share information on the storm and its likely impact.

Idai slammed onshore with destructive winds and flooding rain in the vicinity of Beira.

According to the Mozambican Master Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017-2030, the Mozambique National Institute for Disaster Management argues that over the last 20 years, the country has experienced increasing high intensity and frequency of extreme weather events.

Data from Windy.com showed the depression dumping rain in excess of 30mm.

And according to reports, the tropical cylcone was packing winds of more than 200km per hour.

The group has said it was ready to deploy 70 staff, along with 4x4 vehicles, boats, and jetskis to help with rescue efforts.

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