Brexit: Parliament to decide between no deal and delay

Brexit: Parliament to decide between no deal and delay

Brexit: Parliament to decide between no deal and delay

Drug makers can temporarily perform EU quality checks in United Kingdom after no-deal Brexit (MLex): Pharmaceutical producers that sell their medicines in the continental EU but perform their quality checks in the United Kingdom will be temporarily allowed to do so in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the European Commission has said in a letter to medicine agencies across Europe. If Britain's exit is delayed but no agreement reached, then Parliament might well find a second public vote is the best way to avert a no-deal exit.

After months of saying that Britain must leave the European Union on time on March 29, either with her deal or with no deal at all, May made major shifts on Tuesday under pressure from lawmakers who accused her of running out the clock.

That was enough to avert a showdown in parliament on Wednesday with lawmakers - including ministers in her own government who had said they were prepared to join a rebellion this week to avert an exit with no agreement.

The summit, to be held a week before March 29, could also agree a short extension, giving May time to take the deal back to parliament for approval.

In the end, lawmakers backed her promised timetable.

"And I think it would be highly risky for our country to go cap in hand to the European Union at the eleventh hour and beg for an extension - we will literally be over the barrel of a gun".

The prime minister will now put her withdrawal agreement to a meaningful vote by 12 March.

Williamson's comments came as Labour lawmakers reportedly flagged social media posts from members accusing Jews of murdering children and questioning whether Jewish parliamentarians have "human blood".

MPs voted by 502 to 20 to endorse May's plan, a radical shift in strategy made only after the threat of revolt by ministers who fear Britain crashing out of the European Union on 29 March without a deal.

British farming minister George Eustice said on Thursday he had resigned from government over Prime Minister Theresa May's decision to offer parliament a possible vote on delaying Brexit.

Getting an amendment for a new vote through Parliament any time soon is unlikely, but Corbyn's support for one will cheer pro-European Britons, who have been fighting to reverse the outcome of the 2016 referendum decision.

It calls on the government to adopt Labour's Brexit plans, including a permanent customs union with the EU and close alignment with the bloc's single market.

There will be more votes in Parliament this evening setting out the next steps of Brexit.

Those concessions took much of the heat out of a series of votes in parliament planned for Wednesday, in which opposition lawmakers and rebels in May's Conservative Party had planned to demand more control to rule out leaving with no deal. "That's why Labour will put forward or support an amendment in favor of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit".

Aston Martin, which has authorised up to 30 million pounds (US$40 million) worth of contingencies, is stocking more components and could fly in parts if ports are clogged up.

Pushing her deal: Mrs May at Prime Minister's QuestionsAre we still leaving the European Union on March 29? And worse than that, actually, we're not being clear with people still.

JEREMY CORBYN'S Brexit plan was shot down in the Commons last night - despite the Labour leader writing to all Conservatives and DUP MPs urging them to support it.

Merkel said she was "totally on the same line" as Macron but appeared more willing to show flexibility.

"It is high time that we can spend our energy on more positive projects and the in depth reforms Europe desperately needs".

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