Back the Brexit deal or face long delay, May's deputy warns MPs

MPs Are Intent on Reversing Brexit

Warwick and Leamington MP will vote against "catastrophic" no deal Brexit

Despite legal action or threats thereof, the government could either keep the current MEPs in place, or allow the MEPs to stay but not vote, or appoint representatives instead or even just hold elections when we get around to it later in the year, if ever.

In what pro-EU supporters said was a metaphor for his decision to walk away from the fallout of Brexit, Farage said he wouldn't be completing the full two-week walk to London but would instead join campaigners for about a third of it.

European commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker said earlier this week that if the United Kingdom was leaving the EU it must do so by the European elections, on 22 May, but the draft paper states it would not be necessary until newly elected MEPs take their seats on 2 July.

On Thursday, lawmakers voted against holding a second referendum on Brexit, and for seeking an extension for the departure. "I doubt I can take that risk", he said after talks with local Tories, farmers and businesses.

He said the British government was "very focussed" on addressing the issue of the Irish backstop, an insurance policy that sets out what happens to the Irish border after Brexit.

If passed, it will order Theresa May to seek to delay Brexit "for the purposes of legislating for and conducting a public vote in which the people of the United Kingdom may give their consent" for either leaving the European Union on the terms of a deal agreed by Parliament or remaining in the bloc. A Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill would then need to pass through the Commons before the extended summer deadline.

On Thursday, MPs voted to ask European Union leaders to simply push Brexit back in a bid to head off a hugely disruptive end to their partnership.

However, despite pushing for another referendum, the People's Vote campaign have decided that this is not the right time. And there is none amongst those MPs for Brexit. The argument now is really about what that new deal would look like, and with the extension of Article 50, they have a little more breathing space to process it.

"But", he said, "ultimately that will not succeed because they will be taken to a panel of dispute settlement".

Most Conservative MPs voted against delaying Brexit, including 7 cabinet members Mrs.

Local activists had wanted to deselect him as their candidate in the next general election because of his stance on Brexit.

May planned to spend the next few days trying to persuade opponents in her Conservative Party and its parliamentary allies to support the withdrawal agreement, which Parliament has resoundingly defeated twice.

Are you speechless about that, because I am!

Frank Hindle, 66, said: "We're here to point out that not everybody agrees with this crowd, who think it's going to be wonderful if we leave".

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