Baby travelling to see grandfather, teacher among Canadian victims in Ethiopian crash

Baby travelling to see grandfather, teacher among Canadian victims in Ethiopian crash

Baby travelling to see grandfather, teacher among Canadian victims in Ethiopian crash

The data from the two flight recorders, commonly known as the "black boxes", are eagerly awaited as worry grows that the cause of Sunday's crash could be related to an automated system aboard the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft that went down in Ethiopia minutes after taking off en route to Nairobi.

Passengers who wish to check if their airlines use MAX 8 planes can check a full list on Boeing's website.

But he says more questions need to be answered. The news agency also notes that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan was a longtime Boeing manager.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Gebremariam said the pilot of the ill-fated plane reported "flight control problems" moments after take-off and was set to return back to "base".

The European Union's aviation safety regulator suspended all flights in the bloc by the 737 MAX and a US senator who chairs a panel overseeing aviation suggested the United States take similar action following Sunday's crash, the second since October involving that type of plane.

The Federal Aviation Administration has not taken any action at this point.

As noted earlier, dozens of countries, including Britain, France, Germany, India, Belgium and Ireland, announced Tuesday that they will ban the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircrafts from entering their air-space.

In a statement issued Monday evening, Premier John Horgan said the government worker was "committed to tackling the challenges he saw around him in the world, both in his work to protect the environment and to advance reconciliation". And Nikki Haley, Trump's former United Nations ambassador, has been nominated to join Boeing's board.

October's Lion Air crash is also unresolved, but attention has focused so far on the role of a software system created to push the plane down as well as airline training and maintenance.

When Antonis Mavropoulos knew he missed the flight after arriving two minutes late on the boarding gate, the Greek man said he was initially enraged.

Little is known about the Ethiopian Airlines pilots flying the jet on Sunday morning.

On Monday evening, the FAA issued a notice declaring the plane airworthy.

Grief has engulfed the world as victims, mostly humanitarian workers, ambassador, and worldwide experts, came from more than 35 countries.

Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde Gebremariam on Tuesday spoke about the crash that claimed 157 lives and revealed what the pilot stated minutes before the crash.

The problem presents "a potential for repeated nose-down trim commands", the directive states, noting, "This condition, if not addressed, could cause the flight crew to have difficulty controlling the airplane" and possibly resulting in a crash.

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