Avengers Endgame Box Office Tracking To Beat Opening Record

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Chris Evans won the Oscars with his gentlemanly behaviour

Speaking about the movie - as well as the upcoming "Avengers: Endgame" - Kevin previously said: We did "Infinity War" and "Endgame" at the same time, but those have been the longest gestating movies we've ever made.

This is, of course, well worth bearing in mind in 2019, especially with Avengers: Endgame on the horizon.

Avengers: Endgame is on track to break the opening weekend box office records set by Infinity War's $258 million record previous year. Industry insiders estimate that the film is on track to beat the opening weekend box office record - a record set by Avengers: Infinity War just past year.

As per Collider, Research Exhibitor claims that the movie will rake in $282 million in the United States of America and Canada during its opening weekend, and with the same, the movie will set a new opening-weekend record. Let us know in the comment section below! That would make the longest movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe history - again beating Infinity War's record of two hours and 40 minutes.

Marvel Studios' chief Kevin Feige was also present at the Oscars ceremony, and he expressed happiness over the fact that the Academy is finally acknowledging the power of superhero and comic series movies. However, that three-hour runtime could limit the number of screenings per theater every day.

A whole host of new possibilities are now available to Marvel Studio bosses since Disney - who own Marvel - bought 21st Century Fox which means they now have the rights to the X-Men characters, the Fantastic Four and their respective villains among others. Marvel are holding off from announcing new projects until after Endgame and Far From Home have hit theaters, suggesting a massive shakeup is coming. But it was a spoiler, because if you knew before Infinity War came out that the next movie was called Endgame, then you know that there wasn't an ending to Infinity War.

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