Android Q makes sharing your WiFi password with friends super easy

Google releases first Android Q beta for Pixel phones

Android Q's first beta is here for all Pixel devices: Here's what's new

How to install the Android Q beta? The technology is standard on high-end smartphones from companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Huawei. This beta update puts a final stable build for the original Pixel phones on the table even though the promised software updates should have ended with Android 9.0 Pie.

Are you going to load the Android Q beta on a Pixel phone? Did you receive the Beta Update?

If you have a Pixel device, you can head here to download the beta. Google has revealed some of the key features that the early Android Q beta 1 adopters will get. Also, apps that access downloaded files on your device have to now go through the system file picker.

As for Android Q's official name, we still have no clue.

Google releases first Android Q beta for Pixel phones
Android Q makes sharing your WiFi password with friends super easy

Google is expanding support for passive authentication methods such as face in Android Q, but there's no 3D face recognition support mentioned. Quite a few apps run in the background collecting your location data when you are not using the app.

Android 10 includes a number of new features with a focus on privacy, including the option to limit location information and files access by applications when they are not in use. There's no telling what apps or services will break due to changes made throughout the beta process. Instead, you'll need to update with each release.

Google is further improving its permissions model with Android Q to make it more privacy-friendly. It is also introducing Sharing shortcuts which will allow users to directly share content with users inside apps. The changes aren't massive here, but the best parts of our year are playing with new versions of Android. There will be a high-performance mode with low latency so that users can take advantage of stutter-free Wi-Fi connectivity while playing games, video and voice calls. We're not clear on how this works and whether this means the phone uses the fastest data network around or something else. With Android Q, "apps will be able to request a Dynamic Depth image which consists of a JPEG, XMP metadata related to depth related elements, and a depth and confidence map embedded in the same file on devices that advertise support".

This is a very significant update for Android, as it happens to coincide with the launch of 5G networks around the globe.

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