Actresses Huffman, Loughlin among dozens charged in alleged college cheating scam


Enlarge Image William"Rick Singer AP

Of the other defendants, several are sports coaches or administrators at the University of Southern California, UCLA and Yale and Wake Forest universities.

- Bribing those administering college entrance exams to provide answers, change answers or allow someone other than the student to take the exam and centers "controlled" by the consultant.

Lelling said in most cases, the students had no idea their parents were allegedly paying bribes to get them admitted.

Huffman, along with Fuller House actress Lori Loughlin and 48 other people, was accused of having taken part in the nationwide cheating scandal involving elite colleges and universities such as Yale, Georgetown, Stanford and the University of Southern California, PEOPLE confirms.

Huffman, specifically, alleged made a $15,000 donation for her oldest daughter, considered "pursuing the scheme" a second time before "deciding not to do so".

Singer was charged with running the largest college admissions fraud scam in US history through his small college preparation company in Newport Beach, California. For Loughlin, best known for her role as Aunt Becky on the sitcom Full House, agents obtained emails from her that allegedly show her involvement in the scam.

Prosecutors said that in December 2017 a confidential witness told investigators that he met with Huffman and her spouse in their Los Angeles home in order to explain "how the college entrance exam scheme worked". Parents would pay this man and he would "steer the money" to either an SAT/ACT administrator or college athletic coach. Singer then arranged a third-party to proctor the exam and secretly correct the girl's answers.

The indicted also included "nine coaches at elite schools" who "pretend (ed) that certain applicants were recruited, competitive athletes, when in fact, the applicants were not", Lelling said. She ended up scoring a 1420 - 400 points higher than she had gotten on a PSAT taken a year earlier, according to court documents.

"In exchange for the bribe, the U-Texas coach designated the son of one of Singer's clients, who did not play tennis competitively, as a recruit for the university's tennis team, thereby facilitating his admission to U-Texas", a court document says.

William "Rick" Singer, of Newport Beach, California, pleaded guilty in Boston federal court Tuesday to charges including racketeering conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Prosecutors said the Giannullis then paid $50,000 to a USC athletics administrator, Donna Heinel, who presented their daughter "to the USC subcommittee for athletic admissions as a purported crew recruit".

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