Why did Adam Levine's Super Bowl shirt look like '70s furniture?

Adam Levine Takes His Shirt Off

Source Whitney Medworth Twitter

Maroon 5's Super Bowl halftime show didn't survive the internet's wrath with everything from the performance to Adam Levine's wardrobe getting roasted.

Adam Levine with the only celebration dance so far tonight.

'When we accepted the responsibility to perform at the SBHTS, I took out my pen and just wrote. Yikes. Not exactly the comments Levine likely expected to hear regarding his on-stage wardrobe.

So, you can understand why her fans are upset that CBS network was cool with Levine ripping off his shirt during the show, while they flipped out over Janet's accidental moment of indecency.

"Super Bowl halftime nipple rules feel inconsistent", sports personality Katie Nolan tweeted.

And now, after Levine's performance, Twitter users noticed the double standards as the Super Bowl allowed the Maroon 5 star to strip intentionally. "So, what I would say is, you know, we are going to do what we keep on doing, hopefully without becoming politicians and continuing to use the one voice we know how to use properly". "We thank the universe for this historic opportunity to play on the world's biggest stage". "No one put more thought and love into this than I did".

The inclusion of "kneel" seems like it could be in reference to Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who started kneeling during the pre-game National Anthem in 2016 as a protest against police brutality and racial injustice.

Maroon 5 tepidly attempted to rise above the controversy by launching lantern drones into the arena spelling out the words: 'One love'. We thank our fans for making our dreams possible.

Despite the criticism from some, many fans were loving Maroon 5's performance.

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