Virginia governor clings to office, ignoring calls to resign

Virginia governor clings to office, ignoring calls to resign

Virginia governor clings to office, ignoring calls to resign

He added, "My belief that I did not wear that costume or attend that party where the offending photo was taken". The denial failed to silence calls for the governor to quit.

■ POLICING Donald Trump's four-day visit to the United Kingdom cost £14.2million - £4.2million more than the estimated bill, figures show.

Other prominent Democrats - including 2020 presidential candidates Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Julian Castro, a former top USA housing official - have been calling on Northam to resign since Friday.

"Virginians and people across the country deserve better from their leaders, and it is clear that Ralph Northam has lost their trust and his ability to govern".

"I would always tell somebody the first step is: don't make a rash decision, step back, think about it, and then evaluate your options to move forward", says Jay Guffey, CEO of Mercy Rehab ...

"I think that he'd made a really big mess of the whole situation", she said.

Host Jake Tapper noted the nickname "Coonman" appeared in Northam's Virginia Military Institute yearbook and cited other examples before asking McAuliffe if Northam is racist.

The 35-year-old photo on his yearbook page of a person in blackface and another person in a Ku Klux Klan robe has brought about a stunning reversal of fortune in Northam's political career and laid bare for the nation just how deeply racist behavior remains interwoven in American culture, institutions and politics.

In a video statement Friday, Northam said the photo does not reflect the person he is today.

Secretary of Finance Aubrey Layne said he's told Northam the state can't afford a prolonged period of uncertainty over his future. He said he did not buy a copy of the 1984 yearbook in which the picture appears, and he was unaware until Friday that the picture was even there.

He also admitted to appearing in blackface to dress up as Michael Jackson for a dance contest in San Antonio in 1984.

"I winced when I saw that", former Gov. Terry McAuliffe said on CNN. In the place and time where I grew up, many actions that we rightfully recognize as abhorrent today were commonplace. All 140 state legislative seats are up for election this year and Virginia is the only state where Democrats have a strong chance of flipping control of the state legislature. "We are going to have to commit ourselves to making this right - not just with our words, but with our resources".

His lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, is only the second African American elected to statewide office in Virginia. Northam refused to resign, however, and said Saturday that he was not either of the people pictured. Later, though, he told friends and lawmakers he didn't think he was in the photo.

In tweets Saturday night, President Donald Trump criticized Northam over his recent comments on late-term abortion. He said he had a good experience at the medical school in Norfolk. "I did not purchase the EVMS yearbook and I was unaware of what was on my page".

She pointed out how Northam had been previously scrutinized over his support for a bill that would repeal restrictions on third-trimester abortions.

The appearance of the photo immediately sparked criticism from several Democrats running for president.

Despite calls for his resignation growing, Northam on Saturday vowed to stay in office. If he resigns, the governor said he would be labeled as a "racist for life", the source said.

Fairfax said he "cannot condone actions" from Northam's past that "suggest a comfort with Virginia's darker history of white supremacy, racial stereotyping and intimidation".

In addition to the Monday meeting, Northam also met with his staff in an emergency meeting Sunday after pressure from Democrats to resign. It issued a statement after the press conference to "amplify our call for the governor to resign". Kamala Harris, a California Democrat, posted on Twitter in her statement urging Northam to resign.

Miller said if people were "offended by everything in this world ... there would be no existence".

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