Vancouver measles outbreak sending unvaccinated youth to doctors for shots

A MMR vaccines is seen in this undated

A MMR vaccines is seen in this undated

Infection with the measles virus starts with a high fever, coughing, sneezing and red eyes, followed by the development of a blotchy, painful rash, said Dr. Sarah Wilson of Public Health Ontario. If enough people get sick, it can lead to an outbreak. However, measles can result in complications such as pneumonia, encephalitis, and death.

After a total of 9 measles cases were recorded in Vancouver so far this year prompting the local health authority to declare an outbreak, Victorians have been wary of the disease spreading to the island.

Measles, which is spread through air-borne droplets after an infected person coughs or sneezes, can also be a killer.

"We anxious 10-12 years ago because there was a lot of debate around the MMR vaccine", he told CBC News.

The Bahamas, has not had a case of measles since 1997, according to the ministry, which said the country has been certified as measles free.

The Guardian: Measles: WHO says cases have jumped 50%.

"The fact that we're seeing an increase in measles is symptomatic of the fact that people aren't getting their kids vaccinated", explained Hu.

According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, there have been five outbreaks of measles in the United States reported in 2019 in the following states: New York (three outbreaks, including one in New York City and two in other counties), Washington and Texas.

"Make certain that they are all up to date traveling especially if not please call your family provider and also we wanted to say that the vaccine dose for children they should receive two dose, the first dose at fifteen months and then the second dose at four to six years", said Denorcey.

Some people can not be vaccinated, including infants under six months of age, people with certain underlying health conditions and those undergoing chemotherapy - meaning they must rely on high levels of immunity within their communities to prevent infection with the virus.

In wake of this data and recent events, a petition entitled Mandatory Vaccines in BC (with medical exemptions) was posted on "And that I think is another reason why it can spread before you know it".

As of 2016, only 89 percent of children received the MMR1 vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella - the lowest rate since 2012. Melnick says restaurants are still safe for eating because those inspections will still get done, but they could be carried out slower.

"However, the vast majority of parents are vaccinating because they want to protect their children and protect their community".

Caroline Quach, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Ste-Justine Hospital, said Quebec could do even more to make sure adults and children have every opportunity to be vaccinated.

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