U.S. officials indicate development could begin on missiles barred by INF

Trump calls out Russia for violating nuclear treaty

U.S. officials indicate development could begin on missiles barred by INF

Russian Federation suspended the INF treaty last weekend after the USA announced that it would pull out of the pact in six months unless Russian Federation ended its violations, which Moscow denies.

Ryabkov stated Moscow will keep attempting to try to achieve assertion regardless of the disappointment of the discussions, yet blamed Washington for overlooking Russian grievances regarding US missiles and of embracing what he called a ruinous position.

Speaking at an event hosted by Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and its Institute of Politics and Public Service on Wednesday night, Clinton claimed that the current administration withdrew "without really holding Putin accountable for his cheating on the treaty", Sputnik reported.

In early February, Washington unilaterally withdrew from the INF deal, which had been the cornerstone of European security since 1987.

Russian Federation again slammed the United States on Thursday, putting forth that the "United States took no action to stop violating own obligations under the INF Treaty", reports Sputnik.

Putin further emphasized that notwithstanding reciprocal measures, Russian Federation should not and would not be drawn into an arms race. The 60 days were up at the beginning of February. So in some respects, that's why I feel as far as the treaty's concerned, pulling out of it, may be the right thing to do because one, it unhand-cuffs the United States, because China is producing nuclear weapons, Iran is producing nuclear weapons, North Korea obviously has nuclear weapons. The treaty remained in place after the Soviet Union's collapse, but the Trump administration and NATO have argued that Moscow has violated the agreement's terms. The U.S.is "actively working on creating ground-based missiles with the range capability of over 500 kilometers [310 miles], which is outside the treaty-stipulated limitations".

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