These Amtrak Passengers Are Having a Really Bad Journey

Nearly 200 passengers onboard an Amtrak train have been stuck in Oregon for more than 24 hours

Nearly 200 passengers onboard an Amtrak train have been stuck in Oregon for more than 24 hours

And passengers reported a "kumbaya" atmosphere during the ordeal.

Amtrak tweeted at about 7:20 a.m. that the train was back on the move and was returning to Seattle, but that due to weather conditions, delays were expected along the route.

Irvin confirmed that passengers have not been allowed off the train "due to unsafe weather conditions". "UP crews worked overnight to clear the tracks", he added to CNN in an e-mail.

Passengers aboard an Amtrak train were stranded for more than 24 hours from Sunday into Tuesday before the train was towed to safety.

Carly Bigby, a teacher aboard the train, had been visiting Eugene with her fiance and was trying to figure out how to get back home to Klamath. The train is surrounded by feet of snow. Union Pacific spokesman Tim McMahan said the company chose to keep passengers on the train because of power outages and lack of hotel space in nearby towns.

The National Weather Service had predicted Sunday that up to 2 feet could fall in the area.

She told The Oregonian that Amtrak served the passengers some food, but people also had to rely on sharing their own provisions they brought aboard.

Eugene, the largest nearby city, 45 miles away, experienced a record-setting 9.5 inches of snow on February 25.

Amtrak spokeswoman Olivia Irvin says heavy snow and debris on the tracks kept the 183 passengers on Coast Starlight Train 11 stuck in the area.

Irvin said road closures in the area due to heavy snow and downed trees are making it hard to provide alternative transportation.

Patricia Bailey, centre, and Annette Saba, right, celebrate as they disembark an Amtrak passenger train in Eugene.

Some passengers took to social media, posting pictures and video of their fellow passengers passing the time by playing cards, talking or sleeping wherever they could find space. "A teenager played his ukulele to kids to get them to sleep. Ladies who have never met before were dancing in aisles", another passenger, Rebekah Dodson, told CNN.

Still, she said, the "hardship" has been stressful as passengers can not go anywhere. Some Los Angeles-bound college students have "panicked" because their professors won't accept their excuse for missing class, Dodson said. There were no injuries to the 183 passengers on board or crew members (a dozen).

Despite the hard circumstances, she noted that the crew had been "very professional" and were working tirelessly.

"A lot of the [older] kids have been really good but they're having to run up and down and it's a lot", Bigby said. "Mums are doing all they can right now".

"With local power outages and blocked roads, it was decided the safest place for our customers was to remain on the train where we were able to provide food, heat, electricity and toilets".

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