Take a Look At This Apex Legends Weapons Chart

Take a Look At This Apex Legends Weapons Chart

Take a Look At This Apex Legends Weapons Chart

Aside from surpassing the 25 million user benchmark, Respawn Entertainment's Vince Zampella said Apex Legends reached a peak of more than 2 million concurrent players last weekend.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends fans could face a similarly agonising wait until the title appears on the latest-generation Nintendo console, which can be played on a HD TV via the bundled dock, or on-the-go using the built-in 720p touchscreen.

Apex Legends has burst into the Battle Royale scene with a huge splash, dominating the market and blowing almost every other game out of the water. It's also become a fixture of Twitch and YouTube, although that's also been true of other titles, most of which then faded into near-obscurity as many content creators moved back to games like Fortnite.

Following a reveal stream from Respawn, Apex Legends unexpectedly launched Beyoncé-style on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 to instant success.

Apex Legends Battle Pass roadmap
Take a Look At This Apex Legends Weapons Chart

Apex Legends continues to grow.

Player counts aren't the only signs of Apex Legends' success. Fortnite managed it just once, while Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has done so several times - the FPS's major esports competitions are numerous most-watched events on the entire platform.

For now, Epic Games probably doesn't have too much to worry about. When it comes to battle royale games, characters only differ cosmetically.

Those numbers pale in comparison to Apex Legends, of course, but any increase for a two-year-old game is notable. For instance, the ping system allows gamers to communicate with their squad the location of certain loot, areas, or enemies. From being free-to-play to its smooth, varied, and stunning gameplay, it's hard to play anything else right now. The real difficulty at the moment seems to be adapting a frantic shooter like Apex Legends for touch controls. The more important questions is, how long can it last on-top? It reached more than 1 million players in under eight hours and hit 10 million in less than 72.

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