Sprint’s 5G wireless launch, planned for May, could be the country’s first

Sprint’s 5G wireless launch, planned for May, could be the country’s first

Sprint’s 5G wireless launch, planned for May, could be the country’s first

Samsung has announced at Mobile World Congress this week that it is supplying its 5G new radio solutions for USA operator Sprint's 5G new radio solutions.

Sprint recently said it is going to launch 5G service in May covering cities of Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas Kansas City, and Missouri.

Sprint announced Monday that its 5G network is live, and that 5G would launch commercially in select cities in "the first half" of 2019.

The company will also sell the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G at some point in the summer.

With Sprint's 5G technology that uses the 2.5 GHz spectrum and cutting-edge Massive MIMO radio technology, there will be a dramatic increase in network capacity and density which is created to deliver the fastest connections with significant improvement in latency.

Sprint also announced that it will be providing 5G to Google's wireless network known as Google Fi.

Samsung is showcasing its 2.5-GHz 64-transmit 64-receive Massive MIMO unit at its Mobile World Congress booth in Barcelona.

Google Fi users will get 5G in these areas and automatically switch to Wi-Fi or LTE networks when moving between them, as the service works now.

T-Mobile is postponing it's official 5G service launch until the second half of 2019, according to chief technology officer Neville Ray in an interview with CNET. The company ran one demo video today with someone getting 430 Mbps speeds, which is about 10x more of what you might see with LTE today.

Combes is digging at AT&T, which launched its mobile 5G network in December but has only a mobile hotspot to use it, not a smartphone. Last year, Verizon said it was the first to deliver a form of 5G to consumers but only as a replacement for in-home broadband.

The 5G technology will also allow for new applications - such as self-driving cars and telemedicine - as all five national wireless carriers make the service available (Verizon made a 5G announcement, too). That devices supports millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum, which T-Mo also plans to use for its 5G network. The operator said it's targeting a 5G coverage footprint of more than 1,000 square miles across all nine cities. Once the 5G network launches, the company will some limited details about availability for subscribers on its 5G network.

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