Skipping breakfast 'can help you to lose weight'


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The researchers wrote: "This study suggests that the addition of breakfast might not be a good strategy for weight loss regardless of established breakfast habit".

Many of us grew up being told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. "Well the evidence now says that's not the case".

The studies included people who regularly eat breakfast and non-breakfast eaters.

The research, conducted by Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and published in the British Medical Journal, found that skipping breakfast could help people lose weight.

So a team from Monash University in Melbourne analysed the effect of regularly eating breakfast on weight change and daily energy intake, based on evidence from 13 randomised controlled trials, mainly in the USA and United Kingdom, from the last 28 years.

People who ate breakfast ended up eating about 260 calories more a day, the review found. People who skipped breakfast were about one pound lighter than those who ate breakfast.

They found that breakfast eaters consumed more calories overall and breakfast skippers did not have a greater appetite in the afternoon.

A new review study finds no strong evidence to support the ideas that eating breakfast helps with weight loss or that skipping breakfast promotes weight gain.

Skipping breakfast won't do your weight - or overall health - much good if you're eating outsized and/or not-so-nutritious lunches and dinners, and snacking throughout the day.

However, the researchers did note that eating breakfast regularly could have other important effects aside from weight loss, such as improved concentration and attentiveness levels in children.

Researchers said that people who followed these two behaviours were less likely to gain weight and had a smaller waist circumference.

"We should not change diets to include breakfast eating in order to lose weight".

Some of the trials tested if adding or skipping breakfast could affect weight; others looked at whether breakfast would affect a person's total calories in a day.

Previous studies have suggested that eating breakfast is linked with maintaining a healthy weight, but these findings have been observational and may reflect an individual's wider healthy lifestyle and food choices.

Provides many beneficial nutrients, and boosts your fibre and calcium intake (compared to no breakfast).

To do breakfast the right way, she recommended a simple breakfast of wholegrain cereal and milk with a glass of unsweetened fruit juice and a cup of tea.

The new research comes just after Hollywood personal trainer and physical therapist David Higgins told INSIDER he believes breakfast is overrated. But food can also be a joy, and denying ourselves meals can quickly descend into disordered eating and a negative relationship with food.

NHS advice warns: "Some people skip breakfast because they think it will help them lose weight".

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