Senator Tillis is 2nd GOP senator to oppose Trump emergency

President Donald Trump walks out to begin speaking at an event in the Rose Garden at the White House to declare a national emergency on February 15

Senator Tillis is 2nd GOP senator to oppose Trump emergency

"We are aware of no emergency that remotely justifies such a step", read a portion of the statement, released Monday, from both Democratic and Republican officials who've worked in the national security realm.

Fifty-eight former national security officials signed onto a statement that publicly rebukes President Donald Trump's emergency declaration for the U.S. -Mexico border.

The statement reads, "a wall is unnecessary to support the use of the armed forces", and argues that redirecting money for the wall through the emergency declaration "will undermine USA national security and foreign policy interests".

Democrats in the House of Representatives are preparing to vote on a resolution to void the declaration. But GOP leaders were urging their members to oppose it, aiming to keep the final tally low enough to demonstrate that Congress would be unable to overturn the veto that Trump has threatened.

U.S. President Donald Trump visited the border city yesterday as he continues to campaign for more wall to be built along the border.

Tillis says he will vote for the resolution if it comes before the Senate, emphasizing, "As a conservative, I can not endorse a precedent that I know future left-wing presidents will exploit to advance radical policies that will erode economic and individual freedoms".

The outcome was less assured in the Senate, which will be required - under provisions of the National Emergencies Act - to take up the legislation within weeks of House passage. Trump has promised to veto the measure if it passes the House and Senate.

"I hope our great Republican Senators don't get led down the path of weak and ineffective Border Security", he wrote on Twitter. In doing so, the spending bill earmarked only $1.7 billion for barriers along the southern border, much less than the $5.7 billion Trump had asked for. "Be strong and smart, don't fall into the Democrats "trap" of Open Borders and Crime!" They also pointed to other government data on drug trafficking that showed most opioids enter the country via legal entry points - something they said a border wall would not stop. "There's no evidence of an emergency at the border".

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